PureBasic OpenSource Libraries


PB 4.0:
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PB 3.94 (not supported anymore):
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In the current package:
Name Autor OS Description

CPUmonitor Danilo [Windows] The CPUMonitor library is designed for monitoring the CPU.

SkinWin Danilo [Windows] The SkinWin library is designed to create own-styled windows.

SkinWinFast Danilo [Windows] The SkinWinFast library is the same as the SkinWin library, but faster.

AnimSprite Danilo [Windows] [Linux] The AnimSprite library is designed for playing 2D animations.

ToolbarPro Danilo [Windows] The ToolbarPro library is designed to make toolbars like in InternetExplorer.

Timer Danilo [Windows] The Timer library is for advanced timing.

DBin DoubleDutch [Windows] DBin is a Secure Resource Packing library

LoadDllMemory Joachim Bauch [Windows] With this library you are able to load a DLL completly from memory.

BriefLZ Joergen Ibsen [Windows] The BriefLZ library is a compression library.

MSXML3 Kiffi [Windows] Wrapper for the msxml3.dll from Microsoft to use xml-functionalities from PB

SQLite3 Kiffi [Windows] The SQLite3 library wrapps SQL-Lite 3.x.

Process Rings [Windows] some usefull functions for processes and drivers

NTService Rings [Windows] Deal with Services, satrt,stop,pause them, Examine them or create your own Service.

GlobalSharedMemory Rings [Windows] Allocate and use (share) memory in all processes with this library.

ExPrinter Rings [Windows] The ExPrinter library is an enhancement to the PB Printer-Library.

AppRunning Rings [Windows] This Lib checks if your applikation is already started and in Memory

TryCatch Sebastian Lackner [Windows] The TryCatch library allows you to handle errors like in JavaScript.

ScreenGadgets Stefan Mahr (Dostej) [Windows] These Library handles gadgets for a screen instead of a win32-window

RFile Thomas (ts-soft) Schulz [Windows] This lib is for easy use random-access files with a special header

CreateGadget edel & ts-soft [Windows] register user defined controls as gadget

ExDatabase mk-soft [Windows] The ExDatabase library is an enhancement to the PB-database library